Doula Packages 

Basic Birth Doula Package

  • Two prenatal meetings during your pregnancy

  • Educational resources and referrals

  • Comfort measures and mindfulness techniques

  • Unlimited support via phone/text/email

  • On-call 24/7 from two weeks before your due date until your birth

  • Continuous support through labor that is informational, emotional, and physical

  • Support after birth

  • One postpartum visit at home within the first two weeks after your birth

Prenatal visits? What's that?
The prenatal visits last approximately one-two hours and usually occur in the client's home. During the prenatal visits, we go over your birth goals and preferences, practice comfort measures, and discuss specifics about how a doula might help you feel more comfortable and supported.

Doula Services + Childbirth Education


This includes the entire birth doula package, plus a private childbirth education class in your own home! The cost of this class can be shared with additional families. All of the information will be specifically tailored to your needs. 

Additional Services

  • Birth photography: If you are interested in birth photography services, I work closely with my partner Kayla Galway who is an experienced documentary photographer.

  • Postpartum support: I am also a trained postpartum doula. If you are interested in additional support as a new parent (or with a new addition to the family!), feel free to contact me for more info.

  • Abortion support: These services are no cost or donation-based. Please reach out with any questions.

Sexuality Education


Rachel has significant experience creating programming on sexual health, consent, gender and sexuality, violence prevention, and healthy relationships. Her professional experience includes her work as a Clinical Health Educator and the 'Enough is Enough' Outreach Coordinator at Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center, as a Sexual Health Educator with Peer Health Exchange, and as a member of Planned Parenthood's Activist Council. She has provided workshops and trainings for students of all ages, parents, teachers, college faculty, and campus staff. Rachel's programs are creative, engaging, and flexible around each group's unique needs!    

Examples of potential workshop topics: 

Sexual Health Education

Consent and Healthy Relationships

Puberty and Adolescent Developement

Talking to Kids About Sex

Person-Centered Support for Disclosures of Sexual Violence

Pleasure and Communication

And more!

Childbirth Education


Private or Group Sessions

The private, in-home childbirth education sessions are developed to be based on your specific needs. Group classes and longer series are also available. Each session is  created to be explicitly affirming of all families, engaging, reflective, and comprehensive. 

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Anatomy of the birthing body

  • Stages of labor

  • Hormones during pregnancy and labor

  • Comfort measures and labor-support techniques

  • Mindfulness and breathing strategies

  • Confidence and trust in birth

  • Understanding medical procedures and interventions

  • What to pack and how to prepare

  • The role of the partner / support team

  • Postpartum care

Rachel studies childbirth education with Bebo Mia inc. and is a professional health educator. She passionately believes that pregnant people (and their families) deserve comprehensive, supportive, queer and trans affirming childbirth education and the right to make decisions about what is best for themselves.